Cosmic Glue Hybrid Cartridge | ASCND

Cosmic Glue Hybrid Cartridge | ASCND


Hybrid / Diesel | Lemon | Pungent

Helps with Anxiety, Appetite, Inflammation, Insomnia, Nausea, Pain, Relaxation, Stress.

A euphoric diesel that relaxes your mind and body while putting a skip in your step.

We provide uncompromising cannabis products to those who need it most. Success began when a small group of dedicated experts became frustrated by the lack of transparency, accountability, and professionalism in the cannabis industry. Instead, sought to revolutionize the industry through creative engineering, scientific discovery, and manufacturing excellence.

Gathered an accomplished team led by Ph.D. scientists and engineers to create the best full-spectrum extract technically achievable.




Medical Grade Cannabis (Life)


Discreet Global Delivery (Executives)


Cryptocurrency Accepted (Anonymity)