Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil by apothecanna
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Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil by apothecanna


What it is - Sensual and arousing intimacy oil with exotic and wildcrafted plant ingredients to enhance sensitivity and increase blood flow. Use privately or with a partner.

Who it is for - Everybody

What it does - Jasmine, coconut, argan, and cannabis combine to create a delicate oil with an arousing floral aroma. Creates a soft glide and entices an uplifting, happy mood.

Key Ingredients Jasmine – aphrodisiac, soothing Coconut – sensual glide, enriching Argan – deeply nourishing, blood-flow stimulating Cannabis – analgesic, relaxing, anti-inflammatory

How to use - Use 15 minutes before intimacy. Massage lightly to neck, chest, and other erogenous zones. Reapply as needed.

What sets it apart - Deep and fragrant jasmine aroma.

What to expect

Aroma: floral, jasmine, tropical, Product 

Texture: light, sensual oil

Skin feel: luxurious glide



Medical Grade Cannabis (Life)


Discreet Global Delivery (Executives)


Cryptocurrency Accepted (Anonymity)