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Excise Tax (15%)

The excise tax is a business tax charged to the retailer and paid to the distributor. It applies to all legal cannabis sales, both medical and adult-use.

The excise tax goes toward state spending on such things as environmental cleanup, law enforcement, and drug prevention programs, among others.

City & State Tax (9.5%) District Tax (1%)

This tax is charged at the cannabis dispensary during sale on top of the sales price and the cannabis business tax.

This revenue goes to the state’s general fund as well as toward local transportation, social services, and public safety funds.

Cannabis Business Tax (15%)

Local governments also tax cannabis sales at their discretion. This local cannabis business tax rate is charged during sale on top of the product’s selling price. The funds typically go toward local services.

Total Tax Included in each product price (40.5%)


This oil melts into skin for a lux velvety fee leaving skin feeling plumped with moisture and restored as it is enveloped in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Lightly scented with relaxing and calming Ylang ylang and Lavender, the oil instantly comforts and renews by quickly absorbing and hydrating the skin.

BASE | The base is a luxurious blend of organic Sunflower, Safflower, JoJoba and vitamin E oil. All of these rich oils are packed with antioxidants and designed to hydrate and replenish dry skin.

ESSENTIAL OILS | Infused with Ylang Ylang and Lavender, this is the ultimate relaxation blend for both body and mind. While Lavender is widely used to relieve stress and anxiety, it also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. The lightly floral Ylang Ylang works to balance dryness and oiliness, prevent irritation, and improve overall appearance.

Press this sheer oil onto damp or dry skin on your neck and body. Use daily to restore skin’s natural glow. Can be layered or blended with our lotion for ultra-hydration.

Sunflower Oil*, Safflower Oil*, Olive Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Vitamin E, Cannabis Extract*, Essential Oils: Lavender* and Ylang Ylang. *Organic

Humble Flower Co. is a women-owned and operated  company started in Humboldt County, California and now based in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on using all-natural and ethically sourced ingredients, and recyclable packaging. We are committed to creating natural and powerful cannabis topicals. Our spa-quality products are infused with cannabis cultivated by expert manufactures. Humble Flower Co. incorporates the healing principles of aromatherapy to provide additional pain-relieving properties to our products. Our topicals give the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in an elegant and discrete package, with minimal cannabis scent. Our topicals are quickly absorbed through the skin and treat a variety of conditions including chronic pain, soreness, inflammation, headaches, and arthritis. Humble Flower Co. strives to create products that are thoughtfully designed and are by no means humble in their effectiveness.



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