HEAL efex Disposable Vape Pen

HEAL efex Disposable Vape Pen


Find relief, naturally. ​

With a 5:1 THC-to-CBD ratio and an ideal terpene blend, our HEAL formula has been designed to provide relief without a strong psychoactive effect. HEAL creates a total body euphoric feeling.

DO Use when you want mild to moderate relief naturally. ​ ​

DON’T Use before a social event, as the effects might not be ideal in those situations.

FLAVOR | Vanilla & Mint ​

BLEND | 50% THC | 10% CBD | 40% Terpenes

Effortlessly... ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCES. EFEX is Cannabis Simplified.

Enhance your mood and improve any occasion in as little as three seconds. With EFEX, there’s no grinding or rolling - just choose your desired mood, inhale through the vape mouthpiece or eat a gummy, and carry on. EFEX makes enjoying cannabis easy and effortless. ​

EFEX is always ready to use, disposable, lab tested & 100% pesticide free.



Medical Grade Cannabis (Life)


Discreet Global Delivery (Executives)


Cryptocurrency Accepted (Anonymity)