Ready to Charge Canndescent

Ready to Charge Canndescent


Take a run, power up, or hit the town. Our new Stylus Ready-to-Use vape pen is crafted with the same luxe finish as the Stylus original rechargeable battery. Smaller in size and without any buttons to press, this sleek and discreet pen vapes right out of the box, while offering a generous 200 draws of the same ultra-premium oil that goes into our cartridges. With the use of extra slow, cold CO2 to preserve as much of the terpene profile as possible, our oil delivers rich aromas and flavors so you can turn down the noise, unlock the moment, and maximize your life to the fullest. Give our Charge Ready-to-Use vape pen a shot, and write your story.



Medical Grade Cannabis (Life)


Discreet Global Delivery (Executives)


Cryptocurrency Accepted (Anonymity)