Jack Herer Disposable Pen


Excise Tax (15%)

The excise tax is a business tax charged to the retailer and paid to the distributor. It applies to all legal cannabis sales, both medical and adult-use.

The excise tax goes toward state spending on such things as environmental cleanup, law enforcement, and drug prevention programs, among others.

City & State Tax (9.5%) District Tax (1%)

This tax is charged at the cannabis dispensary during sale on top of the sales price and the cannabis business tax.

This revenue goes to the state’s general fund as well as toward local transportation, social services, and public safety funds.

Cannabis Business Tax (15%)

Local governments also tax cannabis sales at their discretion. This local cannabis business tax rate is charged during sale on top of the product’s selling price. The funds typically go toward local services.

Total Tax Included in each product price (40.5%)

stick.e.vape is elated to offer its Jack Herer Disposable Pen, a sleek, Sativa-leaning THC monster with ratings topping the 65% threshold. stick.e.vape's sleek Jack Herer Disposable Pen was lovingly designed to heat its contents evenly from start to finish, so its contents taste and feel heavenly from the first pull to the last. Behind its pine-infused notes of lemony goodness await Jack Herer's true nature: sky-high elevation underwoven by laughter and a pinch of the munchies.


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