Sweet and Sour Widow RSO

Sweet and Sour Widow RSO


Cream of the Crop Gardens' Rick Simpson Oil, also known as RSO, is a Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil. All natural ingredients without any additives, activated cannabinoids, and medical grade, this effective natural remedy aids in relieving common medical ailments such as aches, sores and pain. Many credit this concentrate with feeling more relaxed and able to sleep thanks to soothing properties yielded when you combine all cannabinoids together. . Sweet and Sour Widow is a 1:1, CBD:THC, indica leaning hybrid. The genetics are acquired from an unnamed parent and White Widow; this lineage allows for the consumer to use this form of RSO without the common heavy psychoactive effects. This strain has a well balanced profile of cannabinoids, a sweet, yet pungent earthy aroma, and offers a relaxed, happy, and stress free lift. This run of RSO has test results above 37% in CBD and over 33% in THC. For those suffering any psychological limitations such as anxiety/panic attacks, stress or depression, as well as any somatic limitations like aches, pains, or soreness, Sweet and Sour Widow RSO is truly a great option.



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