Eucalyptus Essential Oils + 100mg CBD (10ml)

Eucalyptus Essential Oils + 100mg CBD (10ml)


Eucalyptus Essential Oil comes from a tree names Eucalyptus Globus and is native to Australia. For many years Australians have used Eucalyptus to heal wound and cuts, cure fungal infections and also as a fever reducer. Now we see Eucalyptus oil in many over the counter medications, pain relieving creams and throat sprays sold all over the world. We love using our Eucalyptus oil with hemp extract as a topical pain reliever. Use two drops of Zen Essential oils on the area you feel pain, rub with two fingers gently until the oil has almost disappeared. Now relax and be ZEN.

5 Benefits of Eucalyptus 

1. Joint & Muscle Pain Reliever

2. Cough Controller 

3. Anti-microbial

4. Asthma Relief

5. Uplifting 



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